Pazo Casa Grande


Pazo Casa Grande in "Puebla de San Julián" (Lugo) owned by Mr. Luís Fernando Quiroga and Piñeiro, married to Mrs. Maria Eugenia Ferro de las Heras, is a construction whose origin began in the fourteenth century inspired by the models of those medieval times lords and wars and conquests awarded nobility, already at the time in which it appears as Lord of the Manor the surname Quiroga.

The Manor is a reminder of those times reala distant and still full of mysteries, and that is why it deserves a worthy conservation to ensure his noble presence in the future. The architecture of the peasant and monastic Pazos was simultaneously building elements and adapted to all the needs of life.

Manor Chapel, which at that time was based on communication with the house construction was privileged permissions enjoys seven Popes of the Roman Catholic Church to celebrate Mass and have the Blessed Sacrament exposed, along with a relic of the Holy Cross. They are also a very important significance the huge paintings that represent different stages of the Stations of the Cross to Calvary, as well as portraits of characters associated with this Pazo.

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